Friday, 28 September 2012

Mecha Blanka

Done by Tom Stockwell


Done by Samuel Whitehead

Dhalsim & Guile

Done by Kyle Nelson


Dynameshed from a sphere, didn't manage to finish hence the blobby hands and feet but it was fun!

Done by Kavi Mewa


Started T-Hawk, I plan on continuing on next week as well. I fancy adding a huge main of feathers/beefy eyebrows and I'll add more detail to to face (skin pores, stubble etc) The Screen shots are the lowpoly normal mapped model :)
Done by Sam Beattie


Done by Alec Vine

Alien Vega!

Alien Vega
Sculpting & Texturing in Zbrush - 4.5H
Tried to go for a whole character this time. Were playing with the idea of making an ugly Vega, just cuz this dude is obsessed with beauty and himself... so I was thinking of Freddy Kruger and Edward Scissorhand in the beginning... then I realized what`s the ugliest thing I have ever seen lol
Far from complete but there u go, Alien Vega! xD

                                                              Done by Zoltan Hegedus

Sunday, 23 September 2012


'This is my Stylised Raiden. Spent about 40- 50 mins over three lunchtimes :)'

Tom Stockwell

Sonya Blade

'Ok so I manage to go that far. Not bad for few hours of work.' Tom Straszewski


Done by Sam Beattie


'My final shots of my "lunch crunch" project. Much less than I had in mind (spikes on the back of the head, big (but not silly) reptile/dragon ears, change on the mask`s proportions, proper MK ninja "vest")
Might revisit it at one point and make it a proper bust :)'

Done by Zoltan Hegedus


'Took on a bit too much for the week, I tried to get a whole character done within the time and ended spending a little more, around 8 hours in total. It was fun though having to work so fast!'

Done by Kavi Mewa.
A group of us guys that work at Jagex have decided to to dedicate our lunch times to getting some work done! Every week we will be setting ourselves a theme and we will spend our lunch breaks during the week to come up with piece of art related to the theme. At the end of week we will be posting our finished (or unfinished...) piece on this blog. So be sure to check back every week to see what we have been up to!

The topic for week 1 is... MORTAL KOMBAT